Martin Theyer - Betriebswirt, Berater und Buchautor
Martin Theyer - Betriebswirt, Berater und Buchautor


EIC Corporate Day with Deutsche Bahn

Explore new ways with Deutsche Bahn

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Workshop zum Thema Finanzierungsstrategien & -Instrumente initiert von DI Dr. Josef Tuppinger
Senior Researcher Innovationsmanagement & Entrepreneurship
Stdg. Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen


I had the pelasure to coach some very innovative SMEs for this event - great intiative from the #EU #EUvsVirus

Developing the right funding strategy’ gives you the opportunity to explore different ways to finance your company and analyse the pros and cons of using one or the other. In a short, interactive session, our experienced EIC Business Coach Martin Theyer will guide you by providing further knowledge on the devopig the ebst funding strategy for you!


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